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Eltee International offers premium grade Bitumen that is dark black and sticky. It is presented in crude petroleum sand and has wide applications. It is known due to its excellent properties that comprises of plasticity, waterproof, and superb resistance to acid and alkalis. Our offered range of Bitumen is available at reasonable cost and that's why we are renowned as one of the top-notch Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Wholesale Bitumen Powder Suppliers from Maharashtra, India.

Bitumen Is Available With Us In Different Grades That Are Described As Below:

Penetration Grade Bitumen

It is non-crystalline viscous material that is black or dark brown. It can easily soluble in carbon disulphide (CS2) and has adhesive and water-proofing characteristics.  It has hydrocarbons and is able to contain at least 80% carbon and 15% hydrogen, rest being sulphur, nitrogen oxygen and traces of several metals

Applications Of Penetration Grade Bitumen

  • For the construction of roads and asphalt pavements
  • In the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and eroding courses
  • Used as a tack coat in surface dressing
  • Perfect for fire fighting agents
  • Used as a sealant, adhesive, and waterproofing agent
  • Other industrial applications

Specifications of Penetration Grade Bitumen

Characteristics  80/100  60/70  30/40 10/20 
Specific Gravity at 27 0C min 0.98  0.99   0.99 1.00-1.05 
Water percent by wt.max  0.2  0.2  0.2
 Flash point, 0C  175  175  175  225
 Softening point 0C  35-50  40-55  50-65  65-80
Penetration at 25 0C, 100 g 5 sec in 1/100 cm  80-100  60-70  30-40  20-Oct
Ductility at 27 0C, in cm. min  75  75  50  2.5
Loss on heating, percentage by wt.Max  1  1  1  0.1
Penetration of residue  60  60  60  -

Viscosity Grade Bitumen

It is a standard grade Bitumen that is used as paving grade bitumen. It is perfect for constructing road and while making asphalt pavements. It can easily attain flexible and coherent connections with other resources because of viscoelastic reaction of bitumen.

Application Of Viscosity Grade Bitumen

  • It has a thermoplastic property that has the material for softening high temperatures and abiding at lower temperatures
  • Used in hot mix asphalt for bases
  • For road constructions
  • Roofing felts
  • Liquid roof coatings
  • Other industrial uses

Specification - Viscosity Grade Bitumen

Property Range
VG-10 VG-20 VG-30 VG-40
Absolute Viscosity 60°C Poise Min 800 1000 2400 3200
Kineyatic Viscosity 135°C CST MIN 250 100 350 400
Flash Point Min°C 220 220 220 220
Softening Point Min °C 40 45 47 50
Penetration 0.1 Min.25 °C 80-100 60-80 50-70 40-60
DVCTILITY ON MIN .25°C 75 50 40 25
Vicosity Ratio 60°C MAX 4 4 4 4
Solurility In TCE Min 99 99 99 99

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