Monoammonium Phosphate

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Monoammonium Phosphate

Eltee International holds expertise in manufacturing and supplying Mono Ammonium Phosphate, which is blended with other dry agricultural fertilizers. It is white in colour and powdery in appearance. These chemicals consist of birefringence property that is mostly required while producing optics. Further, these are also used as piezoelectric material in sonar transducers.

Above all, Mono Ammonium Phosphate is completely ensured on several parameters so as to provide maximum satisfaction to customers. Compared to others, our chemicals and acids are offered at reasonable cost. We also offer Mono Ammonium Phosphate of origin China, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Romania, Belgium, U.A.E., and Mexico.As such, we are acclaimed as one amongst the prominent Importers, Manufacturers, Exporters, Distributors and Suppliers of Monoammonium Phosphate from Maharashtra, India.

Properties Of Mono Ammonium Phosphate

  • Relative density at 1.803g/cm3
  • Molecular Formula is NH4H2PO4
  • Molecular weight is 114.9
  • White granular crystal
  • Easily soluble in water
  • Melting point at 190°C
  • Slightly soluble in alcohol and insoluble in ketone
  • PH value of 1% solution is 4.5
  • Contains 100% plant nutrients
  • Free from chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants
  • Anti-caking and Low Ph

Uses Of Monoammonium Phosphate

  • Suitable for the production of nutrient
  • Perfect to use at the beginning of season growth while phosphorus availability is essential for the formation of root system
  • Easily mixed with other fertilizers to match crop nutritional requirements all over the growth cycle

Packing And Storage

  • Polyethylene bags, 50 kg±1.5% net weight, repacked in polypropylene bags
  • Sew closed polypropylene bags, 50 kg±1.5% net weight
  • Big-bags of 1000 kg±1% net weight
  • Store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place

Certificate Of Analysis

Parameter Specification Result
Appearance White crystal powder White crystal powder
Total Nutrient 73% min 73%
Phosphorous (as P2O5) 61% min 61%
Nitrogen (as N) 12% min 12%
PH 4.2 – 4.7 4.2 – 4.7
Moisture 0.30% max 0.21%
Water insoluble matter 0.20% max 0.15%
Sodium (as NaCl) 0.5% max 0.2%

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