Sodium Nitrate

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Sodium Nitrate

Eltee International offers comprehensive range of Sodium Nitrate, a chemical compound known by formula NaNO3. It is widely used for processing several other nitrate salts of potassium and barium. It can find wide applications in explosives, glass industry, fertilizers and for heat treatment salt.

Sodium Nitrate is a white coloured solid and due to its accurate composition, these are widely used in making glass enamels for pottery, sodium nitrite, nitric acid, etc. We supply Sodium Nitrate of origin Germany, China, United States, South Korea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom and Belgium. We offer these chemicals at the most competitive prices. As such, we are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Importers, Manufacturers, Exporters, Distributors and Suppliers of Sodium Nitrate Powder from Maharashtra, India.

Properties Of Sodium Nitrate

  • Chemical formula: NaNO3
  • CAS no: 7631-99-4

Technical Specifications Of Sodium Nitrate

Properties Units Values
Physical appearance   Min Max
Appearance Free flowing prills or granules
Sodium nitrate (as NaNO3) % 99.0 -
Sodium nitrite (as NaNO2) % - 0.01
Chloride (as Cl-) % - 0.06 (0.1 as NaCl)
Sulfate (SO4=) % - 0.04 (0.06 as Na2SO4)
Alkaline earth salts (as Mg(NO3)2, Ca(NO)3)2, etc.) % - 0.20
Other alkaline salts (as KNO3, etc.) % - 0.50
Iron oxide or salts (as Fe2O3) % - 0.01
Aluminum oxide (as Al2O3) % - 0.01
Perchlorate (as ClO4-) % - Non-detectable
< 10 ppb
Water insolubles % - 0.20
Moisture (as H2O) % - 0.25
Surfactants None


25kg Bag, 50kg Bag, 1mt Jumbo Bag

Applications Of Sodium Nitrate

  • Glass Antifoamer
  • Fertilizer
  • Dyes & Potassium Nitrate
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oxidant
  • Metal Hot-Treating
  • Food Preserving

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